For the monthly fee of $20.00:

  1. Guidance to specific material, some of it original, that we have found to be helpful in the individual journey toward health, happiness, and harmony.
  2. You will receive free access to all education/discussion small group events hosted by a Health, Happiness and Harmony Partner.
  3. The small group discussions are coaching sessions with a community of others on their individual journey.
  4. We will continue to develop the materials and curriculum we call A Narrative of Wholeness. It will consist of brief written passages and short video or audio segments that may become the basis of discussion in a small group. (Regular rate without monthly membership is $60.00 an hour.)
  5. You will receive our information, encouragement, motivation, navigation, and tracking service.
  6. Your membership will also empower our HHP's to work with local resources not only to collaborate with existing resources but also to build the assets, capacities, infrastructure, and social capacity at the community level necessary for the individual journey.

First Month Free! Subscribe today, and start your one-month free trial. If you find our HHP program is helping you on your path to Health and Happiness, do nothing—the payment method you selected during registration will be charged once per month, starting 30 days after you first subscribe. You may cancel your subscription at any time. If you cancel during the first month trial period, you will not be charged for the subscription.


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