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Yoga, Nutrition, Physical Fitness

Organic Holistic

   Rachel Murell
Personal Trainer and Nutrition Coach

I am a Health and Happiness Partner in training! :) My name is Rachel Murell and I have two amazing children Braxton and Wyatt. My heart could only hope they too will someday lead people on a path of health and happiness. First , I am always seeking ways to grow and inspire myself toward spiritual fulfillment. Seeking balance through this body,mind and soul is my daily journey. It is truly a passion of mine to show others what I have learned that helps me and my family in hopes it helps others too. My passion is Yoga. My practice with Yoga has allowed me to learn what it truly means to love oneself, accept oneself, and give oneself unconditional love and compassion. These are things I battled and struggled with for many years. I am also a Personal Trainer and Nutrition Coach. The main thing I have learned with all my years in the gym industry is that people just want to be accepted and feel like they are apart of something bigger than themselves. My style of Training is not a typical approach. I am a trainer more of the mind and soul, and less of the body. I will make you sweat, kick your butt, and if you want to die, I can do that too. :) Nutrition is key when it comes to seeking health and happiness. My philosophy is " If you put sunshine in, you will get sunshine out". Meaning, if you want to feel good and think positive then we need to put nutrition in our body that makes our body positive. My approach to nutrition is an Organic Holistic perspective. With anything in life, practice is progress and take everything day by day.

We are all perfect human beings....we just make imperfect choices. When we embark on any venture in life that makes us change what we are currently doing, it is never easy. Especially, when it is going to help us achieve a higher quality of life. The first step is the hardest, but when you make that step to put yourself, your happiness, and your life first you are already successful because that is the best choice any human being could make.

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